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How to package a painting?

Buying ready-made packaging off the shelf or on the Internet is often expensive, unsuitable or not as strong as you'd like.

Material for packaging an object

In this tutorial, I will guide you step-by-step to design and create packaging that is suitable for your precious artworks. Whether you're an artist, gallery owner, or art enthusiast, having secure and professional packaging ensures that your artwork arrives safely and in pristine condition. We are all aware of the treatment that shipped items go through with delivery services...

Follow this technique to help you create a personalized and reliable packaging system that meets your unique needs, ensuring that your masterpieces are protected at every step of the journey.

Having personally shipped over 330 paintings around the world, from France to the United States, to Taiwan, and more, I am now fairly certain that this method is proven to work with any delivery service.

Materials required

  1. Roll of protective paper

  2. Sheet of cardboard (hard)

  3. Roll of bubble (preferably large bubble)

  4. Roll of corrugated cardboard

  5. Adhesive tape

1/ Roll up the painting in one or two layers in the protective paper roll to protect the painting from direct contact with the cardboard plates.

2/ Cut the cardboard sheets according to the template of the painting to be packed, leaving 1cm on either side to protect the edges of the painting.

3/ Place the board, pre-wrapped with the protective paper, between the two cardboard sheets and hold it in place with the adhesive tape.

The picture must not protrude from the cardboard sheets and must be centered.

Once the two cardboard sheets have been secured together, the picture must not move between the two sheets.

4/ Wrap the whole thing in bubble wrap lengthwise, then a second time widthwise. This ensures a good thickness on each side and in the corners of the picture, which will protect it from potential shocks.

5/ The last step is to wrap the whole thing in a layer of corrugated cardboard, or even two layers if the quality of the cardboard seems poor.


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