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His Story

About the Artist

Jonathan Pradillon, born in 1993 in France, is a renowned artist known for his bold use of vibrant colors and abstract art. He is also recognized for his colorful and vibrant compositions that captivate the imagination of his audience.

After completing four years of alternating studies in computer graphics and arts and crafts, Jonathan Pradillon decided to pursue a career in the world of manual art, specifically in painting.

Passionate about color mixing and play, shapes, and art in general since his early childhood, he also enjoys creating wood sculptures and working with metals to create unique design objects.

Since 2012, Jonathan has dedicated himself entirely to creating his artworks and has been a professional artist since early 2015.

L'artiste Français Jonathan Pradillon au travail

At work

With his eyes fixed on the awaiting blank canvas, he takes a deep breath, grabs his tool, and immerses himself in his creative world.

Colors spread across the canvas, forming strokes and curves that gradually take shape. The artist is focused, in a state of creative flow where time seems to stand still.

Hours pass by, but the artist doesn't lose focus. He observes every brushstroke, every knife stroke, evaluates each color choice, adjusts every detail until his vision comes to life on the canvas.

Sometimes, he takes a break to step away from his creation and look at it from a different perspective. He reflects on how to continue his work, how to perfect his composition.

The artist's work is a process of creation, discovery, and reflection. It's about bringing a personal vision to life, sharing it with the world, and leaving a lasting mark on the history of art.

Finally, when the artist puts down his brush and steps back to admire his work, he feels a deep sense of satisfaction. He knows that what he has created cannot be replicated by anyone else and that he has given birth to something truly unique.

L'artiste Français Jonathan Pradillon qui pose devant ses toiles

The artist's reputation or market value

Certification carried out in 2017 in collaboration with Akoun, the world leader in art market information since 1985.

Certificate of quotation for Jonathan Pradillon issued by Akoun
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