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What type of acrylic paint to use?

Updated: May 6, 2023

To be more precise with the title, here are the acrylic paints I usually use for my creations.

Acrylic paint is one of the most popular choices for artists of all levels for various reasons discussed in the previous article. However, it can be difficult to know which paint brand to choose. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular acrylic paint brands and their unique features.

Tubes of acrylic paint from various brands and a canvas in the process of creation

1. Liquitex

Liquitex is a very popular brand of acrylic paint. Their range of paints is known to be very fluid, making it easy to work with and mix. They also offer a wide range of colors, from opaque to transparent shades. Liquitex also offers mediums to improve paint adhesion, shine, and consistency. Personally, I only use this acrylic paint with a brush as it lacks the necessary consistency for palette knife work when looking to play with texture and relief.

2. Pébéo Studio, High Viscosity

This is probably the brand I use the most. Pébéo Studio High Viscosity acrylic paint is a popular choice for beginner and professional artists due to its quality and ease of use. This acrylic paint is known for its high viscosity, meaning it is thicker than traditional acrylic paints.

This allows for thicker, more textured brushstrokes and spatula painting effects. Pébéo Studio High Viscosity acrylic paint is available in a wide range of bright and vibrant colors, including iridescent colors not found elsewhere, making it ideal for creating modern and contemporary artwork. The colors are also permanent and lightfast, ensuring that artwork will not fade over time.

3. Amsterdam

Amsterdam acrylic paint is also one of the most popular and widely used brands by professional and amateur artists. This paint is appreciated for its quality and range of vibrant colors. It will mix perfectly with the Pébéo Studio High Viscosity brand to work on texture, significantly increasing the color palette choice.

This paint brand offers a wide variety of colors, from classic shades to fluorescent colors. The texture of the paint is also very pleasant to work with, it is creamy and easy to spread. In addition to its quality, Amsterdam acrylic paint is also very resistant and durable. It dries quickly and becomes waterproof once dry, allowing layers to be superimposed without colors mixing. This feature is highly appreciated by artists who want to create layered works.

4. Lefranc Bourgeois

The Lefranc Bourgeois brand is a high-quality option for those looking for professional acrylic paint. The range of Lefranc Bourgeois acrylic paint is available in a variety of vibrant colors and offers excellent opacity. The paint dries quickly, allowing artists to work quickly and layer without waiting too long.

The formula of Lefranc Bourgeois acrylic paint is water-resistant and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper, cardboard, canvas, and wood. In addition to its quality, Lefranc Bourgeois also offers large-sized tubes of acrylic paint, which is ideal for artists who need to use significant amounts of paint for their projects.

Regarding its consistency, it is also viscous and blends perfectly with the two previous mentioned brands, Amsterdam and Pébéo Studio High viscosity.

5. Boesner

The Boesner acrylic paint is of decent quality. It is appreciated for its creamy texture and long-lasting properties. The brand also offers a wide range of vibrant colors that allow artists to create works rich in nuance and depth. Boesner paint can be used on many surfaces, such as canvas, paper, wood, metal, etc.

It is easy to mix, layer, and work with, offering great freedom of expression to the artist. Moreover, this paint is more affordable than the others mentioned above, making it an excellent choice for those looking for quality at a reasonable price.

Its consistency is a bit more liquid than Pébéo Studio High Viscosity, Amsterdam, or Lefranc Bourgeois, but it can be mixed with them, albeit requiring a bit more work on the canvas when mixing directly on the support.

6. Sennelier

The Sennelier acrylic paint is known for its creamy texture and exceptional coverage power, and compared to all the others, it is the most "pasty" of the acrylics, perfect for creating relief effects and playing with texture. It comes in several ranges, from fine paint to the intense and vibrant colors of the Abstract range.

Sennelier acrylic paint is also known for its resistance to light and water, making it ideal for outdoor projects or works exposed to direct light.

Conclusion ?

All the paints presented in this article are of good quality, each having its own characteristics. As for my preferences, I mainly use Pébéo Studio, Lefranc Bourgeois, and Amsterdam. They are perfect for working with a palette knife or directly with a brush, dilute easily with water, and allow the use of different techniques.

There are many other high-quality paints that we have not discussed in this article. However, I strongly advise against using low-priced paints that can be found in cheap stores, without naming any. I have tried several and have often been disappointed with the result: they are too gelatinous, have little covering power, and have poor adhesion to surfaces... In short, as they say, quality comes at a price.


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